Final Project

The Final Project is a visual representation of your selected country and your opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the material presented in this course. Use the information collected in your  assignments to create a digital poster. You are free to use any software program (Prezi, Powerpoint, MS Publisher, Adobe, etc), but you must be able to save and submit the poster as a .jpg image. Design the presentation so that a viewer will be able to understand it as a ‘stand alone’ piece.

Posters will be graded according to:

1.) grammar and writing style,

2.) use of material presented in the course,

3.) content ,

4.) use of academic references, and

5.) design and aesthetics (Note that all images, charts and graphs must have references – ‘Google Images’ is not a proper reference.)

For information on how to create a digital poster, review the digital poster page on this website. In addition, the University of  Illinois provides an excellent online tutorial entitled, How to Create a Successful Research Poster.

Student posters will be included on the course website unless the student objects in writing before the final submission deadline. For examples of previous student work, visit the Student Poster Gallery

Extra Credit

Students may elect to earn ten extra credit points by producing a research-based final project that includes a minimum five-page research paper and accompanying poster for submission to the SF Research in Undergraduate Education (RUE) competition. Research-based projects must adhere to the following criteria:

1. Introduction with an approved original research statement related to your selected country.

2. Brief review of previous literature on topic and brief description of your research methods

3. Data supporting research statement collected from scholarly sources (previewed by instructor and/or SF Tyree Library librarian).

4. Analysis of data and conclusions that tie into research statement.

Students electing to produce a research-based project must notify the instructor by October 15th and meet with the instructor biweekly.