Assignments & Exams

Each activity is designed to help you develop specialized expertise in a specific country in Africa and to situate the circumstances of your selected country within a more broad historical and international context. Throughout the semester, you will be expected to share your expertise with your classmates either in class and/or online discussion.  By the end of the semester, you will be expected to rely on the information you gathered during research for your assignments (as well as additional research) to create a digital presentation of your country. Review the Writing Resources webpage for Assignment Guidelines and the Final Project Webpage for Project Guidelines.

Discussion GuidelinesRegular participation in discussion activities is a key part of this course, and each online discussion activity is worth one point. In the online discussion, students are expected to 1.) use the material presented in the course in the discussion, 2.) respond to another student’s post, and 3.)  include academic citations (links or references) to the sources of researched information. Responses should be at least 200 words. Copying information from another student’s post is plagiarism. Each post must be comprised of original content. Students who copy information from another student’s post and represent it as their own will be reported to the department for academic dishonesty. To embed images in your Canvas posts: Upload the image to your Files in Canvas. In your discussion reply, click on the icon that shows a mountain inside of a square. That should open your files and you can select the image you want to embed in your post.

Assignment Guidelines: Assignments must be at least two double-spaced pages in 12-point Times New Roman font. They are worth five points. They must include formatted references and in-text citations. To  format your references, you can visit or The assignments are posted to a discussion forum to enable your classmates to learn about your country. Please do not post as an attachment since this will make it difficult for others to easily read your contribution.

Exams: Each exam will be comprised of 20 true/false and multiple choice questions. They will cover the readings and the material (including films and speakers) presented in class. The exams are not cumulative. Each exam will be administered through the Canvas website and will last 20 minutes after log-in. Students are responsible for saving and submitting their responses before the allotted time expires. Students who chose to take an exam on an off-campus computer must do so at their own risk. Make-up exams will not be allowed with medical documentation.

Final Project: The final project poster is your demonstration of what you have learned in this class. Visit the Final Project webpage for a more thorough description.  The assignments and projects will be graded according to: 1.) writing, grammar and composition; 2.) content and use of material presented in the readings and in class; 3.) ability to present and discuss in class; 5.) use of academic sources; and the final project will include 6.) aesthetic appeal and design.  Failure to use and include academic citations and/or a Turnitin score great than 10% will result in an automatic ‘0’. Please check your ‘Turnitin’ score to avoid plagiarism. I will be available during office hours and by appointment to assist with any problems or questions. Please refer to the course website for assignment descriptions and resources for completing the assignment. Assignments must be turned in via Canvas before class time on the specified due date.  Late assignments will not be accepted without medical documentation.